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A remarkable and intriguing story about Blackwood’s first journey to West Africa, the land of her ancestors. It begins in Nigeria with exposure to the tight control by the military that causes Blackwood to experience fear as never before. In Ghana her respect for human beings and sense of adventure along with destiny, lead her to meet Adamson. Determined to see it all, she finds herself in desperate situations, each mysteriously resolved by strangers. Peppered with nostalgic flashbacks to Blackwood's native Jamaica, “Into Africa a Personal Journey” resonates with unique poignancy, a love of people and her growing spiritual quest for her African roots among the proud Ashanti people. 

A hilarious, true story with a bizarre cast of characters that appear and disappear like Extra Terrestrials and their ingenious methods of stealing in a large supermarket chain. The personal conflicts and challenges of staff who work for the organization don't make their lives any easier. We laugh on one hand and empathize on the other when we meet Mrs. Johnson, the little old lady who wants to be "soft and smooth", and will stop at nothing to do so; or  Meet Wilbert Wiley, an aged but modern day Don Juan who is obsessed with every female he sees. They all collide in the supermarket — everybody's meeting place. Interwoven within the fabric of the story is the coming of age of Bobby Blackwood, a six foot five college student who works part-time as a security guard to pay his college expenses. 

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Meet Nosey Charlie, a spunky little squirrel who grew up in the country. He became an orphan and moved to the city to live with his aunt, uncle, and his cousin, Pete. Charlie desperately wants to know everything about the people and strange objects in the city, and he doesn’t understand that he can’t always go wherever he likes.
Mama Leticia (his aunt) tries to teach Charlie to be careful, and asks Cousin Pete to keep on eye on him. But Charlie is too nosey, and curiosity gets the better of him. He goes where he shouldn’t. . .
The Nosey Charlie adventures will make you laugh and cry, and sometimes cheer Charlie along as he explores his new environment and finds himself in desperate situations.

Nosey Charlie Comes To Town is translated into Spanish:

Charlie El Curioso Viene A La Ciudad

Into Africa: the Return describes Blackwood’s second journey to West Africa. This time she is accompanied by two American cousins – Peabody, 70 and her daughter, Marie, 42. After 40 years, Cousin Peabody reunites with Afua, her Ashanti friend. 
In Ghana, Blackwood meets her protégée Frieda and the dashing Pastor Ray for the first time.  A plan to visit Mali is shelved and Togo substituted. But is it safe to travel there without a native? Pastor Ray volunteers to accompany them – a blessing in disguise. The cousins explore a mysterious world with alien cultures and experience wonderment, joy and heart-wrenching sadness. Into Africa: the Return resonates with intrigue and discovery that keeps you riveted to the last word.

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The indomitable Nosey Charlie is at it again! Nosey Charlie Chokes on a Wiener is the third book in the Nosey Charlie Adventure series. A little orphaned squirrel who was raised in the country, Charlie recently moved to the big city to live with his aunt Leticia, uncle Harold, and his cousin Pete. But he is nosey and wants to find out about everything in his new environment. It is summer, and the tantalizing aroma of hot dogs being cooked by a sidewalk vendor just beyond the fence that surrounds the park in which he lives, gets him all worked up. He would love to eat some. But are hot dog wieners good for squirrels? Read this amazing story and find out. . . 

Nosey Charlie Chokes on a Wiener! Colouring Book is an exciting companion book to this third book in the Nosey Charlie Adventure series. Kids will love it as they unleash their creativity & colour like never before!

 Enjoy reading beautiful children’s stories about animals and memoirs about amazing journeys “Full of warmth, discovery and the pure joy of living.”

Conoce a Charlie el curioso, una ardilla pequeña y valiente que creció en el campo. Se convirtió en huérfano y se mudó a la ciudad para vivir con su tía, tío, y su primo, Pete. Charlie quiere desesperadamente saber todo sobre la gente y objetos extraños de la ciudad, y no entiende que no siempre puede ir a donde quiera. Las aventuras de Charlie el curioso te harán reír, ya veces animar a Charlie a mientras explora su nuevo entorno y se encuentra en situaciones desesperadas.



Nosey Charlie Comes To Town.

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Nosey Charlie Goes to Court: A Nosy Charlie Adventure

This amazing Nosey Charlie Adventure will make you laugh, and sniffle, and hold your breath when Charlie disappears. It begins from the first day Charlie came to live in the little park in the city and became fascinated with the gleaming white building next door. From then on curiosity ran away him. Charlie had a secret plan to find out…